Wenn Smart gespenstisch wird | Handys sind ab 2015 auch Gedankenlese-Geräte – Gedankenlesefunktion!!!

Wissenschaft3000 ~ science3000

Phones become mind-readers, page 109,

When smart becomes spooky

WennSmart gespenstisch wird

Phones turn into mind-readers

Handyswerden zu GedankenLesegeräten

0-economist-jan-japan-2015-smartphones-kRobin, a project manager, was running late for his meeting; he took out his phone and it offered to e-mail the other attendees to say that he was on his way, with a single tap. Michael’s plane landed late, and he was worried he would miss his connection, but his phone immediately told him that his next flight had been delayed too. While he was abroad on holiday, Jon’s phone told him the local exchange rate and pointed out nearby tourist attractions. And the other day I was walking back to my car in an unfamiliar city, and my phone told me, unprompted, how long it would take to drive to my destination in current traffic conditions.

Artikel lesen: http://www.economist.com/news/21631910-phones-turn-mind-readers-when-smart-becomes-spooky

Ab 2015 Mindcontrol eines jeden Smart-…

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