Fighting Monarch

If you want to see something unbelievably horrific, watch the following interview with „Sophia,“ a robot whom the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made its citizen.

What to make of this horror show? Muslims aren’t allowed to draw a picture of a person, but here they have made a robotic „woman“ that they honor with citizenship.  This occurs in one of the most sexist countries, in one of the most sexist cultures, and within one of the most sexist religions on the planet. In the muslim world, women are nothing but chattel.

More on the False Religion of Islam

cia - isis -vIt’s not limited to Saudi Arabia.  Morons in the west are creating „female“ robots or „gynoids.“

Idiots like David Levy, the chess champion who wrote Love and Sex with Robots, think this a good idea.

Meanwhile other idiots make short films in which they fantasize about sex with…

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