Breaking News: Australian And New Zealand Government’s State, Neurotoxic Untested Covid Vaccine And Tests Are Now Mandatory!

Truth To Power

Mainstream Media Continue To Promote The Covid Lie, Call For Stasi Thugs To Enforce More Destruction Of Human Rights. Andrews Also Promotes The Covid Lie! Andrews regime terrified of momentum gathering against his tyranny. UNDERSTAND, Covid19 Has Never Been Scientifically Proven To Even Exist! That Is Because It Doesn’t!. It Is An Enormous Global Hoax To Crash The World Economy, Then To Usher In An Orwellian Nightmare New World Order! Which Is Now Appearing In Every Country. Australia And New Zealand Governments Have Instigated A Plan To Make The DNA Altering, Untested Covid Vaccine Mandatory, Those That Refuse To Receive It Will Be Detained In Facilities Until They Submit! Orwells 1984 Has Been Officially Launched. Only By Refusing To Submit Will Humanity Survive This Holocaust!

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